The Department of agriculture functions under the Ministry of Agriculture,Land,Irrigation,Animal Production  Health and Agrarian Development in western province.The major functions of the Department is the extension and training in the province. As the result of the Thirteenth Amendment (13A) to the Constitution of Sri Lanka created Provincial Councils. Hence Department of agriculture (Western) established in 1989 according to the provincial council act


An excellent agricultural production and a Western Province affluent with food security


To work with Government and Non– Government institutions for ensuring food and sustainable agricultural development in the Western Province through improving knowledge and skills of the community on agriculture, equitable distribution of agriculture inputs, technical services, developing positive attitudes and following environment friendly activities

  • A Group with strong solidarity
  • Environment friendly Agriculture
  • More efficient services for clients
  • Excellency
  • Dedicated and transparent services with integrity
  • Quick responses
  • Innovative

  1. Execution of statues, acts and regulations that favor the improvement of environment friendly integrated agricultural practices.
  2. Implementation of corporate development attempts with government, non-government and private sector towards the development  of commercial agriculture
  3. Adoption of agro – technological development process to develop human resources and entrepreneurship
  4. Contributions for poverty reduction and increasing Gross Domestic Production of selected crops through productivity improvement
  5. Advancement in productivity levels of urban and sub-urban agricultural production units.
  6. Utilization media and target group participation in the process of development